Warner/ASG's COVID-19 Responses

ASG Advanced player development Program

Warner/ASG Return to play Phased in approach

ASG Advanced player development Program

Summer Camp Guidelines

Warner/ASG Return to play Phased in approach

ASG Advanced player development Program

Warner/ASG Return to play Phased in approach

Warner/ASG Return to play Phased in approach

Warner/ASG Return to play Phased in approach

ASG Competitive Responses

ASG Competitive Responses

Warner/ASG Return to play Phased in approach

Club-wide responses

ASG Competitive Responses

Club-wide responses

Affiliated Organization's COVID-19 Responses

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Florida Youth Soccer Association

Florida Youth Soccer Association

Florida Youth Soccer Association

Florida Youth Soccer Association

Florida Youth Soccer Association

Club Updates From Coach Warner

The following letter was released on 3/30/2020:

Dear Warner/ASG Members,

We are all missing our teammates, coaches, parents and yes, we even miss the meadows. As promised we have been closely monitoring the progress of the COVID-19 virus; In conjunction with the national and state guidelines, we have pushed our potential starting dates back to April 30th.

In the next few days we will be contacting each participating member directly with information specific to your program; please ensure that you have not ‘unsubscribed’ from Warner Soccer’s emails AND if your program email includes a google forms survey PLEASE fill out all questions ASAP to help us plan accordingly.Additionally, we would love for you to join us on our social media platforms to keep up our development as best we can. We currently have two social media programs going with another one coming soon! This is a great way to stay involved with our ASG Family while social distancing.You can find us on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and now Youtube.

Warner/ASG COVID-19 Community Connection

Because we know there are things much more important than soccer at a time like this we will be adding a page on our website called Community Connection. This page will be a place that all of our ASG members that own/work for local businesses can identify their business and service. This will help all of our ASG Family support each other in this trying time. If you would like your business on that page please email Coach Chris with the following information:

Your business’ name, location(s), hours of operation and what product or service you can provide.

In our 30 years we have never faced a challenge like this with such an uncertain outcome; but knowing that we have each other both on and off the field is a great comfort.

Keep the ball moving, Stay safe and healthy


Andy Warner,
Warner/ASG President and DOC

At Home Training

During this time we have been releasing weekly video training sessions with Coach Warner and Coach Chris. 

ASG Competitive Update: May 15

The following letter was released on 5/15/2020:


We are pleased to announce our try-out registration process for the 2020-2021 season will be live Monday, May 18 at 5pm. At the top of this page are the latest official updates for youth soccer from FYSA and US Club Soccer.

We are opening registration to all current club members and new players who wish to join our club. (Current players wishing to retain their place for the 2020-2021 season should follow the steps laid out in our May 18 letter)

We have contracted two sites to begin limited training once the governor announces the start of phase 2. 

Our goal for the 2020-2021 is to limit the dislocation of our program, teams and families. We will once again focus on the US Club Soccer I-10 Alliance League, competitive play with NO overnight stay and competitive youth tournaments.

We have maintained our club partnerships for next year and are looking forward to getting back, on the field.

Another email will be coming for returning players who will be receiving a credit for a portion of the spring season. This credit will be applied toward player development fees in the fall.

Registration and Administration fees for the 2020-2021 seasons will be due at sign up for the fall season.

If you have any direct questions please contact me.


Andy Warner

Advanced Player Development Program

Advanced Player Development Program starts in June! 

ASG Competitive Update: May 18

The following letter was released on 5/18/2020:

Dear Members,

Thank you for your continued commitment and support of our ASG club. We recognize these are challenging times for many of our families. We have closely monitored the National and State organizations and have decided to adopt their recommendations.

In an effort to minimize dislocation in the team and club environment and with utmost consideration for the health and well being of every player and coach we are offering all returning players a place in the

2020-2021 team. 

New players who wish to try-out for ASG are currently able to register for tryouts at no cost. 

Register Here

Steps for current ASG Competitive Players:

Step One - Create an Account

If this is your first time registering on the new Warner-ASG soccer program site then Step One is to click on the Create account link in the upper right hand corner of this page.  In the future, you will be able to login once you've created your account to make updates to your profile.

Step Two - Complete Your Info

When you are creating your account please complete the form steps and provide the player(s)

information in order for Warner-ASG to be able to place your player(s) on the right team to maximize

success.  Please note the program you are registering each player to complete step three.

Step Three - Complete Payment

After you make a note of the program each player(s) is registered you will select the corresponding program in the program catalog and add it to your cart.  At checkout you will be able to complete the registration by selecting your desired payment option.

ASG leads with integrity and strives to be fair to all concerned, we need to be flexible but committed to provide a strong platform for player development which is both affordable cost effective and value for your



Coach Warner

Return to Play: Phased in Approach

Warner/ASg has created a phase system in order to properly and safely move towards a full return to

PHASE 1: We will continue to enforce social distancing guidelines per the CDC. Phase 1 will limit any training sessions to groups of 4-6 players to one coach. There will be no contact between players and these sessions will be more technical based. Players will not be allowed to congregate before or following the training session and will be ased to immediately return to their vehicles following the session. Players will be asked to leave their personal belongings and water bottles on the perimeter of the field with at least 10 feet between players. Coaches will be required to wear masks if they are within 10 feet of players and there will be no physical contact such as "high fives" or "fist bumps." Parents will also be asked to remain in their vehicles during the duration of the session. 

PHASE 2:  Phase 2 will be initiated once FYSA and USSF guidelines become more relaxed. During this phase we will grow our small groups to 10 players maximum. Small sided games such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 within these small groups will be allowed. During this phase, the rest of our guidelines will still be in place. 

PHASE 3: This will be our final step before our full return to play in the fall. Phase 3 will including slightly larger interclub matches with numbers up to 7v7. All of our remaining guidelines will remain in place. 


Advanced Player Development Program Safety Guidelines

Current ASG Small Group Training Guidelines:

1) Group Size 

Each small group will be between 4-6 players to one coach. 

2) Arrival 

Each small group will arrive 10 minutes prior to their starting times. Designated drop off locations will be adequately marked at the practice site. 

3) Parents

Parents are not permitted to attend these small group sessions and can either park and wait in their cars or return once their player is finished with the session.

4) Physical Contact 

Coaches will ensure that all players and coaches avoid “high fives,” handshakes, or other types of physical touching. 

5) Masks

Coaches will be required to wear masks during training sessions. Players will also

be allowed to wear masks while training, but this will be a personal choice of the player’s parent of guardian. Hand sanitizer will be available but players should also have their own for personal use.

6) Necessary Equipment

Players will need to provide in their soccer bags, a ball, their own water bottle, hand sanitizer and a towel if necessary. Players will place their bags in assigned areas that will be spread at least 10 feet from each other. Please have your player arrive fully dressed in shin guards, socks and cleats.

Pennies (if needed) will be provided from the club to each player and then collected to be laundered at the end each session. Pennies will not be shared with other players.

7) Coaching Restrictions 

Coaches will handle setting and cleaning up all training items including cones, goals, etc.

Coaches will also avoid having players stand or assemble in lines or small groups. Coaches will alter their training methods to incorporate appropriate social distancing (maintaining 6’ distancing between players when providing instruction, etc.).

8) Special Thoughts

ASG will assign staff to be physically present to monitor fields and facilities and ensure that players maintain appropriate social distancing throughout the small group training. All training equipment will be sanitized after each session.

9) Pick Up

Players will be dismissed at designated pick up areas. Parents may drive and pick up their player or walk up while maintaining social distancing from others to pick up their player. 

ASG has the right to ask your player to leave a session if they are sick, have a persistent cough, running a temperature or displaying any symptoms suggesting that they may be ill will be prohibited from attending the training and asked to leave. Our first priority is the health and safety of our staff, coaches and players. Any player that does not comply with the guidelines will be asked to leave and no money will be refunded.

ASG also has the rights to cancel or postpone the training due to COVID-19. ASG will follow all state and city guidelines in regards COVID-19 and will update any procedures as they are added.


Maclay has issued a set of guidelines for our summer camps to abide by, it is as follows:


Please pull into the Webster Center Circle between 8:20 and 8:35. Do not get out of the car.  Someone will be there to walk your child to the field and get them checked in. If you arrive late, call 850 528-7578 and someone will come to your vehicle to get your child.


Children will be kept in groups of 4 – 8, by size and ability.  They will stay with the same group throughout the day, including those joining aftercare. Each group will have 1 adult teacher and possibly an Upper School Student volunteer. 


This camp will work only on skills. There will be no games that include contact of any kind.  With this in mind, we will not be able to play a regular game.


Students will be asked to wash and sanitize hands each often, as well as before and after each activity. 


All Maclay employees and volunteers will wear face masks while working.  Maclay will provide at least one mask to all employees and volunteers. Masks will be optional for students/campers. 


Please have you child bring their own personal item and storage box/pencil bag to keep the smaller items in.  

  • Soccer Ball
  • Cleats
  • Shin Guard
  • Water Bottle


All shared equipment will be cleaned and sanitized nightly, including playground equipment. 


For those staying for lunch, it will be served in carry out containers.  Campers will remain in the same group they were in and isolated from other groups. 


Please pull into the Webster Center Circle between 1:50 and 2:00 PM.  Do not get out of the car.  Someone will be there to walk yourr child to the field and get them checked in.  If you arrive late, call 850 528-7578 and someone will come to your vehicle to get your child.


Please pull up to the Lower School office south doors between 2:40 and 2:50. Do not get out of the car.  Someone will be there to radio to your child’s classroom & walk yourr child to you. If you need to pick up early, please call 850 893-2138 and we will have your child walked out to you.


Please pull up to the Dining Hall east doors (facing the grass parking lot) between 5:00 and 5:30. Do not get out of the car.  Someone will be there to radio for your child to be escorted out to your vehicle. If you arrive before 5:00 please call 850 894 -0908