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ASG Competitive

The ASG Competitive program is divided into four levels: ASG Jr. Academy, ASG Academy, ASG Premier and ASG Showcase. Each of these levels has a slightly different aim; but all are dedicated to developing your player to their maximum potential in a positive educational environment.

ASG Competitive Programs

ASG Junior Academy

ASG Junior Academy

ASG Junior Academy

- Ages 6-8

- Training twice per week 

- Player focused development

- Bridge to the more competitive programs

ASG Academy

ASG Junior Academy

ASG Junior Academy

- Ages 8-12

- Training 2-3 times each week

- Games against top level competition

- Builds on technical and tactical foundation in ASG Jr. Academy

- Prepares players for ASG Premier 

ASG Premier

ASG Showcase (Girls only)

ASG Showcase (Girls only)

- Ages 12-18

- Training 2-3 times each week

- Game play in the most competitive leagues available

- Prepares players for High School soccer and the ASG Showcase program 

ASG Showcase (Girls only)

ASG Showcase (Girls only)

ASG Showcase (Girls only)

- Ages 16+

- Various training options

- Participation in top level collegiate showcase tournaments across the country

- Designed to prepare players for who are looking to play at a higher collegiate  level. 

Why ASG Competitive?

Part of making sure we develop players to their fullest potential means surrounding players with the right coaches, placing them in the right training environment and putting them up against the right competition.  

What do I get?

ASG Premier provides professional, licensed coaches, with 3-4 training events per week with other top level players and pitting our teams against the best the State of Florida and the Southeast Region has to offer.  This means ASG Premier is a significant time commitment, but we do try to provide competitive play with no overnight stay.  


- In conjunction with our regional partners, we have adopted the club model for competitive league play without overnight stays. This has proved to be the most cost effective model to play within our region. 

- Our tournament selections are based on input, experiences and evaluations from all of our members. The goal is play competitive games against varied opposition with the objective of winning.

- The opportunity to develop to your full potential as a soccer/futbol player through superior training and coaching, where players are challenged and motivated to consistently give their best.

- The opportunity to be in an environment where learning, teamwork, and long-term goals are paramount.

- The opportunity to be surrounded and supported by dedicated soccer/futbol players, coaches, parents, and fans in a soccer club "family" atmosphere.

- The opportunity to play in the most competitive leagues available and appropriate for the given team. Florida leagues are among the most competitive in the United States.

- The opportunity to be part of a soccer organization that promotes high standards for discipline, sportsmanship, and character both on and off the soccer field.

- The opportunity to play and travel locally, nationally, and in some cases, internationally with your team and your coach in numerous tournaments every year.

ASG Competitive Contacts


Andy Warner

Melissa Alford

Melissa Alford

Director of Coaching


Melissa Alford

Melissa Alford

Melissa Alford

Competitive Communications Coordinator 

Competitive Boys Coaches

Competitive Girls Coaches

Competitive Girls Coaches

Competitive Girls Coaches

Competitive Girls Coaches

Competitive Girls Coaches

Information for New Competitive Players

1) I am a new player interested in joining an ASG Competitive team for the 2020-2021 season

Welcome to the ASG Family! We have a team for you.

2) Are you holding tryouts? when are they?

 We will be holding tryouts, using safety protocols in compliance with US Soccer, FYSA (Florida Youth Soccer Association) and US Club and CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines.

Tryout dates have been announced and listed below! 

Register for tryouts to recieve continual updates!

What does it cost to register for Tryouts?

There is no fee for tryout registration. All you need to do is create an account and register! 

Tryout Dates

New Player Tryout Registration


 Make sure to read the tryout dates and special information regarding tryouts. 

tep One - Create an Account

If this is your first time registering on the new Warner-ASG soccer program site then Step One is to click on the Create account link in the upper right hand corner of this page.  If you are trying to register for try-outs please also create an account. In the future, you will be able to login once you've created your account to Edit Account details.

Step Two - Complete Your Info

When you are creating your account please complete the form steps and provide the player(s) information in order for Warner-ASG to be able to place your player(s) on the right team to maximize success.  Please note the program you are registering each player to complete step three.

Step Three - Complete Payment

If you are just registering for try-outs, no fee is required. Your information will be sent to our office and you will be contacted in regards to your try-out date and time. After you make a note of the program each player(s) is registered for, you will select the corresponding program in the program catalog and add it to your cart.  At checkout you will be able to complete the registration by selecting your desired payment option.