Referee Information

Warner/ASG Soccer hosts numerous events year round at all levels, including:

- Warner Recreational matches from U10-U19

- Local competitive matches U9-U19

- ASG Premier competitive matches U12-U19

- Adult Super Six leagues year round (competiive and recreational)

-  ASG Presidents Day Invitational competitive tournaments

- Warner/ASG Fall and Spring Classic tournaments 

Perks of the job:

- Flexible scheduling

- Get paid at the fields

- Refreshments provided to referees 

- Ample opportunities to further your career as a referee

- Certified in all USSF sanctioned leagues

- Being part of the beautiful game!

Whether you are a new referee or have been working matches for 20 years, we can provide an appropriate level of play for you. 


Interested in becoming a Referee?

Become a Grassroots Referee! Referees are an important part of what we do. We'd love to work with you! 


- Have a valid email address

- Interested individuals must first register as a referee at the USSF Grassroots level

- Complete and pass a qualification class including an online portion, in person clinic, and exam

- Take a background check 

- Once certified, referees must recertify annually

Find more information here: 


Already Certified? Contact our Assignor

Mickey Wang USSF Certified Assignor